September 18, 2003


Well here I am in Germany. I arrived last week, on Tuesday, for one day to do some work and I'm still here. I shall be here until at least the end of September. I am enjoying the work even though it is keeping me very busy and I have to work very long hours.

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August 26, 2003

Geoff's Barbecue 2003

Saturday I drove to Wales to visit the famous annual Geoff's barbecue. This, if you are not a member of CiX bikers, is an annual bikers barbecue for bikers. I drove down from Epsom, taking all the back roads, avoiding motorways and having fun. I rode down with another biker, also called Dave, who had a minor accident breaking his brake lever. This meant searching Gloucester for a Honda bike dealer to buy a replacement lever from. If you know where the Honda dealer is in Gloucester you will realise this is a non trivial task. However, modern technology and a friendly biker on a Suzuki came to the rescue. We phoned Scoot for the dealer number, phoned dealer and said, "Where are you?" And with the aid of the other biker found the dealer. Overall it took nine hours to cover less than 300 miles. It was extremely hot and my bike gear was soaking by the time we eventually arrived. I returned to Epsom on my own, Dave having go on to Ireland. The return trip took just under 4 hours for a little over 250 miles. Needless to say I came back via the motorway. The trip down was great but exhausting and I was too tired to consider a similar return trip. If you'd like to see some of the photos of the barbecue look at Geoff's Barbecue 2003

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August 20, 2003


Looks like I might be staying around. I was going to quit after the beta but I think I'll stay here and see how it all goes.
Went out last night with a few biker friends - started on the A22 (Caterham bypass in Surrey) and headed South. I remember passing places like Ditchling and Limpsfield. I shall have to check the map and see if I can find out exactly where we went. It was a great ride - lots of nice sweeping bends - lots of opportunity to overtake all those slow car drives - why do they think that trees means a 40 mph limit. We had a blast. I'm looking forward to the next one next week.

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August 02, 2003


Saturday and time to sort out some outstanding jobs. I have to edit a website I manage and as someone else built the site this could be an interesting task. I am not au fait with javascript so I'm hoping I can download the site into DreamWeaver and use my limited skills with that product to carry out the updates. Most of them are simply text edits so it shouldn't be too hard.
Later today we're having a barbecue for my grandson's fourth birthday so I may be able to add some more photos later. Must add a few more of my beautiful granddaughter Mya who is almost two months old already.

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July 28, 2003


Looks like I'm being really lazy. Had a really quick scan of other Typepad blogs and some of you are really smokin'. I need to put more effort in.

So what's happening? Well my mother, one of my neices plus boyfriend and their two daughters visited for the weekend. We had a great time. Photos in the album in a day or so. My mother is over 80 but can still out walk me. I'm never sure whether it's because she's fitter or just forgets how far she's walked. I just hope I can walk as far when I'm that age.

Bit of networking has allowed me to move a computer into the garage and connect it, via my home network, to the Internet. Now all I have to do is get it to be able to share the other PCs on the network. The reason it moved now was that I had to make space to accommodate the rellies. I also want to turn part of the garage into a proper office as it will give me more room to get everything working properly. It'll happen one day.

I'm still looking for work but no luck so far so I've decided to go on a Prince II training course next week. I hope it'll make me more employable.

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July 12, 2003

Photos & Scanning

A quick five minute break from basically doing nothing just to say what a wonderful day it is. All that sunshine and for free - didn't have to travel anywhere. Now that I can see how good the photo gallery for TypePad is I think it's time to get a few more photos or scanned documents up here. I think a little bit of family history first. Followed by some of my travel photos. This is going to mean a lot of digging around in old boxes and a lot of scanning. I just wish it was easier to scan photos and negatives. It just takes so long especially if you want a good result. Negatives are a particular problem as they get covered in dust and scratches and I don't really want to spend hours cleaning up each one. I think the approach I will take is to do the absolute minimum on the hard copy versions as I will soon be doing almost everything digitally.

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July 10, 2003


Well I'm really quite impressed with the photo album feature of TypePad. It's so easy to add photos and to upload batches. It all seems fairly inyuitive. I still need to experiment loads. I'm not sure yet about how the category and tile fields work on posts and whether they are in fact necessary. I suppose for someone who is extremely well organised and structured they may assist. I am desperately trying to be more structured. I have to be for my work but at home I want a break. However, as I am not working at present it has given me time to get rid of loads of rubbish and an opportunity to catch up on 5 years filing. One advantage of leaving the filing so long is that most of it is so out of date it can go straight in the bin or, if I must keep it, in one big unsorted folder. All the stuff to do with my business I have to keep. However, I have loads of utility and phone bills, stuff from insurance claims that have been paid out and occasional bits of junk mail that somehow survived the last clear out. It's amazing how difficult it can be to throw some stuff away. You know you haven't used something for 3 or 4 years, it's seriosly tatty, it has little or no current value and yet you resist throwing it away because it cost so much originally. Having said that it's a wonderful release when you do finally throw it in the bin. If I can complete the current clear up I'll be able to create an office in the garage and move some of my computer stuff down there. Time to go and do some work.

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July 08, 2003

Latest from Xanga

My middle name should be intermittent as that would describe my online activities to a 'T'. I have been on recently but just not enough to update this log. Most of my time has been spent involved with CiX. CiX is an online conferencing system that's been around for years and has survived the internet and all the other goodies out there. It's a very active community with lots of little communities. I'm heavily involved in the bikers conference which can be lots of fun but does take up a lot of time as it's usually one of the busiest. I also run the Epsom conference, for people living in or near Epsom or interested in what goes on there. Not very active. Just enough to keep contact and pass out the names of good plumbers and carpenters. There are some but the information is like gold dust.

I'm still not working or should I say employed. My last contract finished end of May and no sign of another one yet. Looking hard but no luck yet. I am busy doing all sorts of things around the house that should have been done years ago. Finally cleared all the rubbish out of the shed and used the pressure washer to clean out all the gunge. It took three bonfires to burn all the rubbish that came out of the shed. Mostly wood from a tatty old workbench. Now the shed is clean I've been able to store things in there tidily. This has allowed me to start work on the garage and fill dustbins full of rubbish. I'm finally winning and can at last see most of the floor of the garage.

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